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New York

Hey, Sleeping Beauty - take a bite out of this Big Apple! Clearly, you want to wake up in a city that never sleeps. You know, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. According to Sex and the City and Girls, though, it might be pretty tough to find a Prince Charming there. No worries, though, because you're probably not the sort to need one.


Home of Hollywood royalty and tech-geek elites, this state is the most populous in America and it's got the diversity, both in culture and in climate, that you'd expect from such a statistic. Move there and you can make yourself over into a California girl (or boy).


Funny, since it's full of hot, red-blooded Americans, but Texas bills itself as 'a whole 'nother country'. If you like wide open spaces, big steak dinners and friendly people, it's likely that the Lone Star State is just the right country for you.


Quiet, rural, and picturesque, Vermont is a wonderful place to live if you want to get far away from it all, but not TOO far away from it all. You may not be much of a people person, but in Vermont, you're sure to have neighbors you'll love.


With long, dark and cold winters and summer days lasting up to 24 hours, Alaska is quite possibly one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Long the refuge for eccentrics yearning for independence and solitude in true wilderness, this state is more likely to welcome you with a brief nod than open arms. But a low-key reception like that is probably exactly what you're looking for.


You can take the heat. In fact, bring it on! The hotter, the better, you say and you feel that way about people and food, too. True, Florida has earned quite a strange reputation for the crazy criminals that live there, but if anyone can handle Florida Man, it's you!