Our Story

Who we are

Quizony is a small company based in Warsaw, Poland. We can call ourselves a family business as four out of six our team members belong to the same family. It all started back in 2013 in... our kitchen ;-), where my wife (between cooking and feeding our 1-year old son) made up questions to a fun personality quiz called "What's Your Mental Age?". That quiz instantly became incredibly popular, getting 6 million likes and over 20 million visits in less then a month! That great success pushed me to create Quizony - a site, which initially provided entertainment with a range of fun quizzes. At that time we had another spectacular success - the quiz called "What Animal Are You?" turned out to be the second-most-popular story on Facebook, with nearly one million likes, a million and a half shares, and almost two million comments! In those days there was a group of professional creative writers from the USA, who would make quizzes for us. However, soon we realised the great potential of our users, who were both creative and eager to write, not only quizzes but also stories. That is how Quizony has taken its present shape. Today, Quizony has about 8500 quizzes and 1000 stories and these numbers are constantly growing thanks to the great community of people with passion for writing. Our site is visited by almost one million people a month and has nearly 950K fans on Facebook. Our other products include websites like matequiz.com, dudequiz.com, matepoll.com and easyfacedraw.com, which are gaining in popularity with each day.

What we do

Quizony brings together people who like writing and those who enjoy doing quizzes and/or reading (stories and poems). Our website offers a wide variety of personality quizzes meant for pure entertainment as well as many knowledge quizzes that can serve as a kind of a learning aid. Thanks to our mobile application you can pass the time while standing in a line, taking the bus, or sitting in a waiting room, and learn more about yourself and the world around you! What is more, Quizony is a place where people can express their creativity and imagination by writing quizzes, stories or poems. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or more experienced writer - Quizony welcomes everyone who wants to share their piece of writing! And there are many benefits for those who have the guts to do that - you get readers and followers who offer not only their attention but also valuable feedback and support. You become more experienced, more proficient and more self-confident, and the best thing is that you get all that FOR FREE :-)! All that you have to invest is your time!

Last Edited on 2021-03-12.