How it works*

Hello! Welcome to Quizony! Quizony is a place where you can create personality or knowledge quizzes and write stories or poems. It's FREE, FUN & EASY. How does it work? It's not complicated - if you want to make a quiz or write a story/poem, just click on the 'Create' button and select the piece of writing you are interested in. You will be directed to the page, where you can start writing. There is a help button for each step. However, if you have any problem or need more help anyone at Quizony will be willing to give you a hand.

Here is a list of things you will come across at Quizony. Let's have a closer look at them!


What is the waiting room? Well, when you create a quiz/story/poem it will appear in the waiting room. It will wait there before it might get published. (We'll explain here soon what 'published' means.). Beside the stories,quizzes and poems sections, there is something called 'other' - here goes everything that can't be classified as a quiz/story/poem. When your piece of writing is in the waiting room you can still introduce some corrections or changes to it or even delete it yourself by clicking on the right button that you'll find on your quizzes/stories/poems list.


When your quiz/story/poem is chosen by Quizony to be published it will appear on the main page. This means people can find it easier. Once a piece of your writing is published it can't be changed in any way, however you can add more chapters, which will get to the main page automatically.


Here you can look up for any quiz/story/poem by writing their title. You cannot search by the author.


Sometimes Quizony users make short messages, clubs and other things using the story feature. Quizony moves this kind of stuff to the 'other' section.


Message is what you expect it to be. You can look up a user's name in 'Messages' search and then message them. There is no group message feature currently. So you can only message one person at a time.


Your profile is where you can make a bio and have a profile picture. All your quizzes/stories/poems will be displayed there as well. All profiles can be visited by clicking on the user's name via comments or message feature.


When you read a story or visit someone's profile you will see a bell in the corner. This is how you can follow someone. If you click on the bell in someone's profile you will be notified when they have posted a quiz/story/poem. If you click on the bell in a story you'll get a notification when the next chapter of that story appears.

Now let's talk a little bit more about the users and other things at Quizony.


We've mentioned the clubs before. Like we said some users have decided to use the story feature to create clubs. There are sooo many different clubs! Here are some examples: Roleplay clubs, Writing clubs, Reading clubs, Chilling clubs, and many more... So if you like to join one keep an eye out!

Due to the growing need we've decided to create the 'Clubs' section at Quizony. It will be available soon :-)!


When you read a story/poem or take a quiz in the Waiting Room, at the very end there is a button that reads 'Report abuse', and in the 'Comments' there is 'Spam'. Use these buttons correctly and not just because you're mad at someone. If you see something inappropriate in a quiz/story/poem press the 'Report abuse' button, or if there is someone spamming the comment section, use the 'spam' button, so our team is notified about the problem.

*based on text written by DreamCatcher!!

Last Edited on 2021-03-12.