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You like a mix of stunning nature, beautiful cities, great weather, and interesting foods when you travel. For your money, Sweden is the best bet, as it meets your high standards for all three! Spend a day celebrating midsummer, and then visit Stockholm for a dose of history and art, and finish off with a memorable meal of New Nordic cuisine, and you will have a vacation to remember forever.


Sun, sun, and more sun--that's about the utmost vacation you can think of! You enjoy a slower pace of life, with beautiful sun-kissed and natural smiles and friendly faces at every turn. Set your watch to island time and leave the rest of the world behind. There's no chance you'll regret it!


You love sun, the beach, and interesting views and people watching. Book your ticket a bit farther south this time and visit Brazil, where you can try exotic foods, dance on the beach, and get sun-drunk while feeling the most at ease of your life! Visit some of the stunning churches and historic sites for some culture in the day, and plan for a long dose of nightlife afterward!


For you, experiencing the glory and majesty of nature is the best high you can have. You can head to the mountains, lakes, plains, or woods around Canada and have your breath taken away at every turn. In your opinion, you don't need to head to the other side of the world to have an unforgettable vacation.


You are curious about how other societies work on every level, from transport to food to cultural traditions. Japan will throw you totally out of your element and challenge everything you know--something you love when traveling. Your motto is 'Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,' and foreign foods, languages, and cities are the best fix!


You like to push your limits, but not too far--no need to be stressed while on vacation. England is a safe but still adventurous bet with tons of history, natural landscapes, and foods to try, with just enough familiarity that you won't lose your nerve heading out of the hotel each morning!

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