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Energetic and full of fun, you're a real live wire. You think fast and you act faster. People enjoy being around you, as long as they can keep up. Pace yourself. You don't want to burn out too soon!

Cool Whip

You've got a warm, protective presence. Although you may look tough, you are both kind and thoughtful. People feel safe with you. And that's because just being around you makes them feel calm. You're everyone's favourite big brother, even if you're actually a little sister.

Crazy Eights

Even if you don't have red hair (and you just might) you have a ginger's personality. Lively and quick-witted, you keep everyone laughing. It's likely you have a quick temper to match that quick wit. You are highly intelligent, though, so if you ever commit a crime you'll probably get away with it. Remember to wear sunscreen!

Disco Potato

You seem both youthful and wise beyond your years. People may have told you that you are just like either your mother or your father, as the case may be. You like to have fun but you like to sit back and relax sometimes, too. You're a bit of an enigma!


We picture you in tap shoes, shaking a head full of glistening curls. You're the human equivalent of cherry lip gloss, jazz hands, and ruffles. Even if your outer appearance reads dour traffic court judge, on the inside you're all bubbles and sunshine. But you have a slight edge. It's like you're Shirley Temple crossed with Popeye.


There's something youthful and lovable about you. Of course you're all grown-up and can take good care of yourself. Still -- women want to mother you and men want to be your brother. This may be difficult to deal with, especially in romantic situations. You like a good cocktail.

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