What Religion Am I?

When it comes to faith, are you wondering where your personal beliefs fall? Are you influenced by Buddhism, or do you have more Anglo-Saxon Christian leanings? Find out which religious path you most align with in our What Religion Am I quiz.


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What is Your Religion?

Even if you don't follow a particular doctrine, your faith influences the decisions you make and the relationships you seek. Answer a few questions about where you stand when it comes to certain life decisions, and we'll help you find the answer to: What religion am I?

Can We Guess Your Religion?

The questions in this What Religion Am I test are not backed by any theological research. We just want to guess what denomination you most align with based on the things you like to eat, the places you want to see, and the people you love the most.

Follow Your Faith

Freedom of religion is freedom of expression. Faith is a personal experience, and there is no wrong way to celebrate your beliefs. Follow your heart and answer these questions as honestly as you can to get the most accurate results.

What Religion Am I?

What denomination am I based on my beliefs? Are you Pagan or are you Christian? Find out if your friends can answer that question by sharing this quiz and comparing your results. Take the test now to see results from other quizzers.

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What Religion Am I?

How do I choose a religion? You follow your heart, of course. Faith is a personal journey guided by our beliefs, our expectations, and can be influenced by those we admire the most. Guidance, support, and love are at the center of all religions, and many of us turn to religion for many different reasons.

If you're looking for spiritual guidance, find a religion that speaks to your core beliefs and values. You may hold yourself to strict expectations and want to follow a faith that expects the same. Or maybe you see yourself following a more humbled path of sacrifice and meditation and want a religion that prepares you for this lifestyle. No matter where your beliefs may fall, you can find a religious community to be a part of.

Take our What Religion Are You quiz now to discover where your beliefs align and what religion best matches up with your lifestyle. Whether you live your life by the moon or take a more pragmatic approach to spirituality, your faith shapes the way you look at and interact with the world. Find out what kind of religion fits your point of view and share this quiz with your friends to see which religion best suits them.

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I'm a pantheist, not a pagan, but the test was fun to take.