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The Jetsetter Grandparent

You're going to be a jetsetter grandparent. Casual grandparents love their family, but prefer to spend their time travelling, going out to exciting places and enjoying the more adult side of life. You will be very proud of them and love buying them gifts, but your kids won't depend on you for babysitting, because you're not likely to be around for that!

The Playful Grandparent

Playful grandparents are the fun ones! There's nothing that is easier to love than a grandchild, and you're going to enjoy every moment of watching this generation grow up. These are the grandparents that give big cuddles, that get on the floor and play with the kids, and that the grandkids want to eventually spend every moment visiting. You're going to live for your grandkids, and they will return the same amount of love right back at you.

The Surrogate Grandparent-Parent

The surrogate grandparent is sort of like the parent, in a lot of ways. They pick the grandkids up from school, watch them do their homework, make decisions about what they can and cannot do and often even attend parent teacher meetings. In these cases, the relationship between the kids and the grandparent is a little less warm and fuzzy, because they often also do the disciplining.

The Distant but Loving Grandparent

The Backseat Grandparents are the people that are always there when the grandkids need them to support them. They encourage them and give great advice. These grandparents are the quiet types that don't like to interfere with their children or grandchildren's lives, but are always there for everyone.. These grandparents also usually live far away from their families. This can result in a very warm, positive relationship, albeit a more formal one.

The Grumpy Grandparent

The Grumpy Grandma or Grandpa are those types of grandparents that don't really have a whole lot of patience for little ones. It's not that they don't love them, it's just that they can't really handle being around small kids. These are usually parents that didn't have a whole lot to do with their kids while they were growing up, however, once everyone grows up, they tend to get a lot closer with them.

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