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A Seraphim

Seraphim are the highest class of angels and caretakers to God's throne. You are so bright and vibrant that others sometimes have a hard time looking at you. You are unique, successful, and highly respected.

A Cherubim

Cherubim hold the knowledge of God and are sent to Earth with important duties. You are incredibly intelligent and trusted by your peers. You are loyal and dependable.

A Dominion

Dominions receive orders from higher-class angels and then delegate duties to lower-class angels. You are good at keeping things in order and moving in the right direction. You know how to delegate the right things to the right people, so you're great in leadership roles.

A Virtue

Virtues take orders from the angels above and turn them into miracles for those on Earth that deserve them. You are an inspiration, a creative person that brings life and joy to those around you. Whether a musician, artist, healer, or scientist, you are bettering the world around you by sharing your gifts.

An Archangel

Archangels are the guardians of people and the physical world in situations that affect humankind as a whole. You are down-to-earth and ready to jump in and get your hands dirty to change things when needed, and because of that you might be a pioneer in your field. You don't see the world in terms of class or hierarchy, but that we are all equal and deserving of the same treatment.

A Guardian Angel

Guardian angels are the protectors of individual people, doing God's work directly in the life of one person. You are a nurturer, you take care of those around you with no expectation of thanks or repayment. You either are or would make a great parent and anyone is lucky to have you as a friend.

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