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It's not like you have a lot of free time. Sudoku is quick and easy, and you can do it with your morning coffee while you take the subway to work. The numbers game will help you wake up more than the caffeine, and it keeps your memory sharp. Some tests show that it even improves cognitive functioning and can help delay the effects of Alzheimer's.


You get overwhelmed easily. Consulting a tarot deck can help put your mind at ease and give you a better perspective of the big picture of your life. Take the time to study different decks and pick out one that really connects with you. You'll also have fun exploring all the New Age bookstores in town and meeting all the quirky people who can teach you the tricks of the trade.


You need to get outside, unplug, and relax. And there is nothing more relaxing than sitting quietly on the bank of a river, waiting to kill something. Imagine that bass is your boss when you rip the hook out of its mouth, and enjoy the sweet taste of your victory when you fry that sucker up for dinner.

Home Brewing

You're a homebody. You prefer a night in, chilling with your bong and a new show to binge-watch. Home brewing your own beer, wine, and/or kombucha is the perfect hobby for you because it involves very little activity and a lot more chilling and tasting. You can develop some pretty interesting flavors, and you can mess with the alcohol content to give your moonshine the right kind of zing. Not to mention, drawing up your own bottle labels will be pretty fun too.


You're always trying out new things, so take on a hobby that lets you discuss those experiences and share them with the world. Whether you're checking out new bands, trying out a new restaurant, or exploring a new city, somebody is going to want to hear about it. So speak up and give the public what they want! Besides, podcasting is cheap and easy to start. All you need is a microphone, and luckily, there's already one built into your smartphone.


Stop looking for the next best thing and invest in a hobby that you can turn into a marketable skill. Take on coding and watch your hobby become your side hustle, or even your full-time job if you want it to be. You can code everything from apps to websites to whole operating systems, and with all the fun little coding robot games they're coming out with these days, you can start out doing it for fun and see where it takes you from there!

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