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You are the bookish sort, someone who loves a mental challenge. In fact, you'd be bored if you weren't constantly learning. Yet you have the ability to focus and research deeply in a narrow field of specialization. Life's big questions interest you most.


You are quick-witted and you love to perform. You are extremely self-confident and you aren't afraid to talk in front of large groups of people. You are charismatic. You tend to be very emotional.

Brain Surgeon

You have a decidedly scientific bent and nothing really turns your stomach. You aren't squeamish at all. In fact, quite the contrary. The inner workings of the human body actually fascinate you and you're ready to put your knowledge to good use, helping people who are suffering from illness. You don't tend to need a lot of sleep.


You are a very logical, mathematical thinker, even brilliant at times, but you aren't really a people person. You like to be alone. When you're working on a problem, you can work straight through the night. Provided you've had enough coffee, of course!

Fashion Designer

A highly creative individual, you care deeply about appearances but you are not a superficial person. Beauty and style really matter to you and to those who think your interests are frivolous, you point out that how a person looks has a strong impact on how she feels ' and how others perceive her. You consider clothing to be an art form. You are good with your hands.


The type of person who was riveted during biology, physics, and chemistry classes in high school, you love to solve puzzles. A careful and observant sort, you have always been fascinated by the world around you, particularly by natural phenomena, and you are driven to understand how things work. When you are interested in a question, you are extremely persistent. You are not the sort to give up.

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