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You cannot even get from point A to point B without your phone. You don't have anyone's number memorized. You wouldn't even be able to keep track of your bank balance if it weren't for your phone! You legitimately need it to survive and function like a regular human being.


You are capable, but lazy as can be. While not hopeless, you are addicted to your phone, because of how easy it makes everything, and how much fun it can provide.


You aren't addicted to your phone, and you could certainly do without the ease that it provides, but you have strong bonds that mean you need your phone. Whether it's a long distance relationship, friends that are far away, or even just a loving partner that keeps in touch often, not having a phone would make you feel like you're missing these valuable interactions.


You could care less if your phone broke, got smashed, or fell into the toilet. In fact, you wouldn't even go out and get one right away. If possible, you'd wait a few days. You don't typically use Snapchat, nor text. You don't reach out to anyone, unless they reach out to you first.

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