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'Pride and Prejudice'

You're facing some kind of financial hardship, and you're looking for a way to remedy it! Your family is depending on you, or at least your bills are piling up. Is marrying into wealth really for you? But you're the romantic type! You want to marry for love.

'The Alchemist'

You're going through the pains of life, learning hard lessons fast. Wealth is not what you thought it was. Life isn't as you once thought either. Love is complicated, and so is going after your goals and dreams. You persist, but you also feel like you're blindly running around.


No, you're not a vampire out for blood, but you definitely feel like your life is in shambles. It's taking a toll on you, making you feel drained and tired. Acting loopy is a daily occurrence. You need sleep, and you need it now! Manage your stress before it controls you.

'Alice In Wonderland'

You spend much of your time dreaming and sleeping, oftentimes neglecting your responsibilities. More so, you're very curious about different paths to take, and excited to do so. Keep exploring and try not to get sidetracked!

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