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Are a Great Listener

It's important to speak up, sure. But sometimes it's even more important to sit back and just listen. Your strongest traits are your listening skills, because you know when to take a step back and let it all soak in for a moment. Even the smallest detail can make a huge difference later on, and you'll listen to every detail if you have to so you don't miss anything. Nothing goes over your head.

Are Brave

With great risk comes great responsibility. You aren't afraid to step up and accept that challenge. Your strongest feature is your bravery, not because it inspires you to greatness but because it inspires those around you to stand up for what they believe in too. You are a natural-born leader, and you look forward to the days when people call on you for help in their cause.

Are Empathetic

You're the one who's always crying at movies. It doesn't matter if it's unrequited love, dead pets, or heartfelt daddy-daughter reunions--you'll be sniffling. Your strongest feature is your empathy, because you are able to instantly relate to anyone, even characters on TV. You are a very kind person, patient and understanding. People always turn to you when they need a warm hug and sound advice.

Have Great Hair

Seriously, it's full of secrets and coconut oil. Your hair care regime is the envy of every human you meet, but you never divulge your secrets. Is it mayonnaise? Maybe. Did you stop eating gluten? Perhaps. You'll never tell. That's why your hair is your strongest feature. It starts the conversation; it protects you from evil; and it smells like a rose garden. Slay, queen.

Have Amazing Arms

Whatever you're doing at the gym, keep it up. You look stellar, like a superhero who can lift a car. What do you do for a living? Arm wrestle for money? Because you should. Your amazingly toned arms are clearly your strongest feature. I would be willing to bet on you in a fight against Bruce Lee, and I'm being modest. I hope you've considered a career as a bodybuilder, because your guns could cash checks.

Are Creative AF

You have a vision. You know exactly how you want the future to look. And the future looks good. Your creativity is your strongest feature, because you're an optimist who chooses to see everything in bright, bright color. So whether you're composing a symphony or spray painting a wall, you're putting a spin on it that makes people smile. Keep up the great work.

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