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You love a good story! You love characterization and feeling like you're one with the protagonist. You love for the adventure to truly mean something!


You're all about skillset and the belief that practice makes perfect. You don't care about a story; you just want to be able to run around quickly, shooting and stabbing people, and capturing flags and setting mines!


You want to do more than just play an RPG. You don't want to play alone; you want a social experience! You want to play a game for more than the story and characters; you want to play for friends. And you want to immerse yourself in the game. You're an MMO player!

Puzzle Platformer

You're quick and witty, clever, and interested in puzzles! You love puzzle platformers, because they challenge you and keep you interested. Furthermore, you love the artistic style that tends to accompany these games.

Survival Horror

You love being scared! You love being kept on your toes! And you love being able to be seriously challenged to stay alive in games! You're a sucker for survival horror!

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