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'The Walking Dead'

You love zombies; you love action and drama balanced out in a TV show; and you like post-apocalyptic settings. Obviously, your favorite show is 'The Walking Dead'! Good choice, you have impeccable taste.

'Game of Thrones'

Dark fantasy, violence, sex, secrecy, reins of power, and backstabbing are all up your alley! Oh, did we mention death? Tons of death too. Clearly, 'Game of Thrones' was made for you.

'Criminal Minds'

You love cheesy shows about murder, friendship, and serial killers! 'Criminal Minds' has it all and actually makes you CARE about the characters, so it's no wonder it's your favorite show! Awesome.


You love violence, vigilantes, action, drama, and villains you can hate on. Green Arrow has it all! You love losing yourself in Star City, so it's no surprise it's your favorite show. Just tread lightly around the hardcore Batman fans! Oliver and Bruce bump heads quite a bit at times.

'Once Upon a Time'

You like fairy tales and the reimagining of characters. More importantly, you love connecting the dots. 'Once Upon a Time' is the show for you! No wonder it's your favorite.

'American Horror Story'

Horror, and disturbing scenes and characters. Terrifying entities and risky plots! 'American Horror Story' is your all-time favorite show, and we can't blame you. There's nothing else quite like it!

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