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Logical Thinking

You notice patterns everywhere and are likely to be quite good with numbers. Though you tend to see things in black and white, you always try to base your conclusions on solid evidence and you are, in general, an excellent problem-solver.

Linguistic Thinking

You like to talk, listen, read, and write ' and then talk some more. You express yourself in language and you think in language, too, rather than in images. You are intrigued not only by the meaning of words, but also the sound of them, and their rhythm. You are probably able to pick up foreign languages relatively easily.

Thinking About Emotions

People are your first concern, whether you're reflecting on yourself and your own behaviour or thinking about that of others. You easily understand that others have different perspectives. You consciously try to change your own behaviour for the better and maintaining strong and healthy relationships with everyone around you is very important to you.

Creative Thinking

You can easily visualize objects in three dimensions. You tend to think best when you are moving and you are likely to be particularly skilled at working with your hands. You may enjoy building models and making maps.

Musical Thinking

You are highly sensitive to music and sounds strongly influence your thoughts and emotions. You tend to pay more attention to how someone says something than the meaning of the actual words they say. You may have perfect pitch and, even if you don't, you are probably a good singer.

Philosophical Thinking

You tend to ponder big questions like the meaning of life and these questions are as important ' or more important to you ' than smaller matters like what you should have for dinner. You aren't concerned with issues you consider superficial (even though your friends and family might disagree about their importance) and you value ethics more than practicality. You are a 'big picture,' long-range thinker.

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