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A fly-fishing mecca, Craig is a fishing town that is very well known among avid fishermen. Picture some amazingly small stores in a sleepy little town--with loads of trout to catch!

West Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is pretty amazing. It's the perfect place for pictures of amazing cliffs, trees, water, and of course, fishing. It's ideal for fly fishing, but there's more to it: It's open for year-round fishing!

Beartooth Mountains

If you're looking for more than just a large body of water, this may be it. There are lakes, hiking trails, mountains, wilderness, and expert fishing to be had here. It's rugged and silent, and almost everyone you bump into is bound to be an avid outdoorsy person.

Big Timber

If you want your fishing to be paired with hunting, cowboys, and elk, then Big Timber is the best place to go. It's essentially this small town at the base of the mountains, clearly stuck in time, reminiscent of the cowboy era.

Cooke City-Silver Gate

Filled with skiing, bear sightings, gray wolves, and mining, this place makes most places in Montana look like major cities. It's super small but packed with all sorts of adventure, making it perfect for people who want to do more than fish.

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