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Red Wine

You sweep people off their feet; you leave them breathless and always wanting more. You know how to hold people's attention. You never do things by halves. You love romance, grand gestures, and dinners for two. You live life bold, big, and beautifully.

White Wine

You're friendly and sociable; you have tons of friends, and an active social life. You never have to worry about not having plans this weekend, you just have to worry you may have too many! People always want to spend time with you and hangout. You're lots of fun to be around, and your smile is always infectious.


You chase down adventure wherever you can find it. You will climb any mountain, swim any ocean, and travel through any desert. You hunger for excitement and you always keep things interesting. You're never scared to try new things, be yourself, and get a little wild.


You know all the latest trends, can speak the newest hip lingo, and are always completely abreast of the times. You are sophisticated and fashionable. You know what is going on in the world, what needs to be done, and how you can contribute.


You have a soothing and calming presence for those around you. When someone is troubled, they can always come to you with their problems. You always hear people out, are always willing to support them, and are always happy to help them in whatever way you can.

Sparkling Water

You are brilliant, bright, and intense. You think at a mile a minute and find solutions to problems when no one else can. You are a genius through and through. You are the kind of person who lights up the world and makes a difference. Never stop believing in yourself and all you can accomplish!

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