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Wife Material, 100 Percent!

Here's the thing: a good wife understands that she needs to be many things. She needs to be herself, and she needs to be helpful and accepting and understanding, but she also needs to be a balance of dependent and independent. A good wife is loving and exciting, but also a real, flexible individual.

So, So Close to Being Wife Material!

You are so, so close to becoming wife material. You're just a tiny bit too selfish right now. And that's okay! That's perfectly normal, actually. As time goes on, you'll learn what you need to know.

Not Wife Material . . . Yet

You are far away from being a wife, and that's just fine. It allows you to grow and learn things in life that you will need to know. A lot of that revolves around being more open-minded, being less selfish, and learning your own self-worth. Don't worry, everything in due time!

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