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You and your partner get along well and have a lot of similar interests, but it may be hard to tell just yet if it's time to commit for the long haul. You have fun together, you enjoy each other's company, and for now, maybe that's enough. This could go either way!

Serial Monogamists

You guys are a sociable, committed, and happy couple, and you've been together for a fair amount of time but then, that describes every relationship each of you has ever had! When you both enjoy being in a relationship, sometimes it can be hard to know if it's meant to be. You may want to seek out some of your own interests independent of your partner, then see if your relationship continues to feel like the right one!


Your relationship is built on a solid foundation-friendship, trust, shared interests, good chemistry-but at the same time, one or both of you seem to be a bit commitment-shy. You may not be running for the altar anytime soon. After all, why bother? You're both perfectly content with the way things are now.

The Seven-Year-Itch Couple

Your relationship was full of passion from the very start. The two of you have LOTS of fun together and are always looking for the next exciting thing to try, but when the going gets tough, your relationship might not stand the test of time. You're both frequently fighting your wandering eyes, but if you manage to keep those eyes focused on each other, you're off to a good start.

The Silver Anniversary Couple

You've been together for a long time and taken some big life steps together. Maybe it's just the mid-life crisis talking, but you're feeling a little unsure. It's time to spruce up the relationship with some new activities, new friends, or even a fun trip. Do something to remember why you got together in the first place and you'll be back on track!

The Gold Anniversary Couple

Congratulations-you've found your soul mate. Things aren't always perfect in your relationship, but you have a lot of trust and respect for one another, and you're great at communication. Your friends and family love the two of you together, and you can't imagine spending the rest of your life with anyone else.

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