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The Belle of the Ball!

You stand out whether you like it or not. You are fun-loving and bubbly. You enjoy talking with people, asking questions, and telling jokes. People love to hang out with you, as you make sure everyone is having fun. You are the belle of the ball!

Whichever You Choose!

Sometimes you are the life of the party, making conversation, playing games, dancing, and meeting new people. Other times, you hang back a little and just enjoy the show. You can choose to be the belle of the ball or the wallflower!

A Wallflower

You prefer to stay out of the limelight. You love listening to people talk and observing people. You aren't much for dancing, and you never really drink too much. You are fun to be around, but you aren't one to get the party started or to keep things going. You are happy being a wallflower!

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