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Seriously Superstitious

You live your life based around superstition, and have a strong belief in the unknown. This is a bad thing only if it creates problems for you in your life or if it makes you feel unhappy.

Sort of Superstitious

Your life isn't ruled by superstition, per se, yet you can't help but believe somewhat in most of them. And it's just best to be on the side of cautiousness now, isn't it? Especially when we're dealing with the unknown, here!

Not Very Superstitious

OK, so you aren't exactly superstitious...but there are some things you'd rather just go ahead and not do, just in case. For whatever reason. Not that superstitions are based in reality, but still. I mean, who really knows, right?

Not Superstitious at All

You are a practical sort of person that needs to see proof of something before you can believe in it. You're serious and intelligent, and believe that all circumstances have their rational causes.

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