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Not Smart

You might be nice, kind, and giving, but you really aren't smart. It isn't that you are stupid. You just don't have what some people call 'smarts.' Don't worry about it though, people love being around you, and as they say, 'It's not what you know. It's who you know that counts!'

A Smart Aleck

You seem to know it all, but maybe you should back off a little. People might take your constant input and feedback the wrong way. Sometimes it is useful to just sit back and be quiet even if you know the answers. You will do well to let others have their chance.

People Smart

You are good at understanding how others are feeling. You can sense anger, sadness, excitement, sarcasm, love, etc. People gravitate to you because they just feel like you get them. You are a true people person!

Book Smart

You don't understand most people, so you spend most of your time reading. You have no trouble understanding books. You have great knowledge of many academic areas, and you never stop trying to learn and grow your mind. You are very book smart.

Street Smart

You are wise to the ways of people. It is hard to pull a trick over on you, and you are keen to spot a scam. You seem to have a built-in sense of direction and a keen sense of when trouble is approaching. You are great at reading a room and understanding when and where different topics of conversation are appropriate.

Really Smart!

Wow! You seem to know and understand a lot about everything. You are wise without being a know-it-all, and people appreciate your knowledge for a lot of reasons but, most of all, for your ability to share it without offending or stepping on any toes.

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