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Super Polite!

You are polite, so polite that you can't help but be nice to everyone...including people you can't stand! At work, you're known as the person that can't say no. Due to this simple fact, everyone likes you, but you're also taken advantage of! Maybe try to be a little more rude? Just a little!

Mostly Polite!

You're mostly polite, which is basically the dream. You're the perfect blend of nice and likable but also direct when you need to be. You aren't afraid to stand up for yourself, or others, but you don't do it unless you have to. People know better than to take advantage of your generosity. But again, nice!

Mostly Rude!

OK, so you're not the nicest of people. However, the bright side is that you're not exactly the worst either! You're mostly rude, but you're perfectly capable of being polite--when you want to be, which isn't very often. You surprise people!

Super Rude!

You're so rude--so, so, so rude! You're like the Grinch, only you don't regret your actions later. You believe it's your way or the highway, and you're not afraid to let that be known. When people speak up, you shut them up. When they expect something that you're not required to do, they're left high and dry! What a character.

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