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Not Even Considering the Thought of Marriage

Are you ready for marriage?! No way! You're not even ready for a long-term relationship! Not everyone has to get married--or even think about getting married. There's nothing wrong with living according to your own rules, and promising commitment to another person doesn't have to be in your plans. One day, maybe, you'll discover you're ready to settle down, but then again, maybe you won't!

Definitely Not Ready to Get Married

You aren't scared of marriage like the commitment-phobe, but it's not something you've really considered seriously as happening in your life. If you think about it, it's as a far-off idea that doesn't really seem real. Sure, one day you'll probably think about tying the knot, but right now, you're having way too much fun being single!

Thinking about the Possibility of Maybe One Day Making a Commitment! (But Not Quite Yet...)

You're cool with being in a relationship and totally cool with living with your partner. But promising for life is a new idea and one you're only just starting to consider. Don't worry, there's always time to make up your mind.

Cool with Getting Married (If the Right Person Shows Up)

You've sown your wild oats and are ready to make the big commitment. Trouble is, you're not quite sure you have met the perfect person. Marriage is too important to take a chance without being 100 percent sure, so you're probably going to hold off for a little bit.

Ready to Get Married but Not Stressed about It

You're totally zen about the whole relationship thing. You'd be cool with getting married, but you're also just fine being single or in a long-term relationship. Sure, marriage is a nice tradition, but you are secure enough in yourself that you don't need a ceremony to feel committed or know if your partner loves you. You win this quiz!

Halfway up the Aisle Already!

Okay, we get it! The wedding march is permanently cued on your digital music player. Your browser history is littered with visits to sites giving wedding tips and ideas. And you have the whole ceremony pretty much ready to go at a moment's notice. You're definitely ready to get married, and hopefully you have the right person waiting in the wings. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pop that question!

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