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You let things wash over you, and not much phases you. If by some reason it does phase you, you still don't tend to do anything about it. You're that person that vents and complains about the things other people do and say to you, but you never tell them to their face. Maybe try being a little more... aggressive? Just a tad.


When you have something to do, you do it immediately. As soon as possible. And when something bothers you, you let it be known. In fact, you don't really have much in the way of a filter. Although it gets you in trouble a lot, you wouldn't have it any other way. You're anything but submissive.

A Hybrid

You are vocal, totally not submissive, and certainly very much a take-charge person, but you also have this thing called common sense. You're not about to ruin someone's day for no reason. If it's no big deal, you may offer alternatives to a solution you dislike, or voice your ideas in a respectful way. Why? Because it's no big deal, it's not about disrespect. But if it is an attack, the other person better buckle in!

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