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100% Nice

You're almost too good to be true. But Santa's been keeping a close eye on you and he is very impressed. You are on track to receive everything you've asked for! Just to be sure, though, why don't you get your boss, your spouse, or a good friend to retake this test on your behalf?! If their results match up with yours, well, you're home free. Merry Christmas!

90% Nice 10% Naughty

Good for you! You are practically perfect in every way. Are you sure you answered all the questions honestly? Because Santa can tell, you know! Okay, we believe you. And we're pleased to say you're going to have a fabulous Christmas.

75% Nice 25% Naughty

You're making a great effort. Santa is likely to bring you at least 3/4 of the items on your Christmas list. What can you do to step things up? Help a little old lady across the street? Stop to change a flat tire for a stranger? Come on, you can do it! We're in the home stretch.

50% Nice 50% Naughty

Okay, you're halfway there. Which means you're on track to get about half of the presents you want. There's still time to step up your efforts! Look out for opportunities to be extra nice over the next few days. Santa will notice. He sees everything, kind of like the NSA.

25% Nice 75% Naughty

Oh dear. Santa hasn't been very impressed by your behavior lately. Who do you think you're fooling? Obviously, he knows if you've been bad or good - so be good for goodness sake! We know it's a little creepy that Santa sees you when you're sleeping and that he knows when you're awake but there's nothing you can do about it. Except try harder to be nice! Quick, go 'Like' a bunch of posts on Facebook!

100% Naughty

Now, we know that you might not be impressed with these results. You're not crying are you? You're not pouting, right? You better not. After all, Santa Claus is coming to town and he's going to have nothing but a lump of coal for you if you don't shape up quickly! Hurry! There's still time.

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