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More Female

Regardless of whether you're biologically male or female, you're a total XX, or you should have been. You have strong communication skills and a high level of emotional intelligence. You also value your friendships and romantic relationships, appreciate art and style, and are capable of being a caring and compassionate human being.

More Male

You identify with the boys, whether you're biologically male or not. You don't really like to talk about your feelings or communicate more than dry details. You love technology, facts, product specs, and other dry information. You're also very physical and show your emotional side through your actions rather than through words.

50 Percent Male and 50 Percent Female

You identify with both female and male genders, which is awesome! You can easily hang out with boys or with girls, and you find gossip just as interesting and fun as watching sports on TV. You're fun to be around because you are flexible and easy to get along with. Chances are that you're a super cool and easygoing person, and people appreciate that about you.


You don't relate to men or women. You might even consider yourself sort of asexual. You are often confused by society's gender roles and constant focus on sex. You don't think about those things and don't understand why people expect you to behave a certain way. The best part about you is that you don't care what anyone else thinks! Try meeting and forming relationships with like-minded people that appreciate your unique individuality.





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