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Are Clueless!

Okay, so we know this is only an Internet quiz and has no scientific basis at all, but your result is pretty sad! Did you deliberately try to go for the worst answer?! If you answered honestly, then we're hoping that your relationship is pretty new and you haven't had that much time to get to know your partner. If not, then you need to wake up and pay attention!

Don't Really Pay Much Attention to Your Partner

Are you too wrapped up in yourself to notice what anyone else is doing? We know you are important, but so is your partner! Maybe take a break from your life to enjoy someone else's for a change!

Understand Your Partner As Much As You Need To

You know the basics, and you would never forget a birthday or an anniversary, but you're not the type of person to feel the need to delve deeply into your partner's psyche. Why would you? All that emotional touchy-feely stuff just isn't your style!

Would Like to Understand Your Partner Better

You know that part of a successful relationship is supporting each other, and you really want to make your partner happy, but you are so busy with everything else going on in your life that your relationship is operating on autopilot. Maybe it's time for a romantic reset! Take a weekend away, just the two of you, and really spend time getting to know each other.

Pay Attention to Your Partner and Know Them Well

You and your partner have a deep, loving relationship, and you show your love through mutual interests and common goals. While you definitely love to spend time together, you balance your relationship and also spend time pursuing individual passions and enjoying time with friends.

Are Your Partner's Best Friend!

Congratulations! You are a relationship expert. You know your partner better than anyone else in the world and love nothing better than to spend hours talking with them. You hang out together all the time and share a rich life. We wish we were all so lucky!

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