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Absolutely No Maintenance at All!

You're as easygoing as a summer breeze! It's like you don't have a care in the world. You never worry about where or what you're eating, and you are never paying attention to what other people are wearing. You don't even really care about your appearance as long as you're comfortable! Friends keep you around because you're so easy to get along with and don't mind waiting on more high-maintenance people.

Mostly Low Maintenance

You're laid-back until the situation calls for a little more maintenance. Maybe your hair needs high-end salon products after that bleach job, or you need to refresh your wardrobe for your next job interview. If the moment is significant to you or someone you care about, you'll make sure every detail is absolutely perfect. But, once the moment is over, you are right back to your easygoing self.

A Little High Maintenance

There are just some things you won't budge on. You won't blow money on a dress just because it looks good on you, but you'll be damned if you drink anything off the bottom shelf of a bar. You have to keep some things classy in your life or you'll never better yourself, right? Maybe--as long as your priorities are in the right place.

Mostly High Maintenance

You are really high maintenance, but you hide it so well. You don't want to be seen as a snob, so you hide your ways with your sense of humor. Convincing everyone to throw in on a Groupon with a 'treat yo-self' meme just so you can enjoy an overpriced day at the spa is exactly what high-maintenance royalty like you do on the weekends.

Really High Maintenance

Your standards are so high that they offend most people. Expense is never a concern for you. You will have your bases covered and then some. But you get mad props from us, because you're fully capable of maintaining your own self without relying on anyone keeping up with you. They couldn't maintain you even if they tried.

Too High Maintenance!

You are over the top! Your impeccable taste makes it impossible for anyone or anything to meet your ridiculously high standards. Do us all a favor and step out of your ivory tower for the day. See what amazing things happen when you meet people halfway on, say, a bottle of wine or six-course sushi, you snob.

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