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A Fly-Fishing Expert!

You know what it means to go fly fishing, and you know exactly how to prepare. You have the tools, you know the tricks, and you have your trusty fishing spots that never let you down!

Good at Fly Fishing!

You could hold your own on a fly-fishing trip with anyone, even the experts. Although you're no expert, you're definitely good at fly fishing, and it shows. It's enough to get you happily invited on trips!

Decent at Fly Fishing

You are not the best at fly fishing, but you know what? You're also not the worst at it. And that counts for something, doesn't it? You have quite a bit to learn, but at least you know some of the basics.

Terrible at Fly Fishing

You don't know anything about fly fishing, it seems. Maybe you've never actually gone fly fishing, or if you have, it's been a long time. It's okay though. Everyone starts somewhere!

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