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Enlightened Master

Holy shit batman, you are the real deal! We know we are safe swearing at you, because you are so wise that you laugh at everything. Especially ridiculous internet quizzes! Now off you go back to teaching wisdom to the hordes of students we are sure you have lining up at your door. Or, maybe take another quiz: We both know that is really the fastest path to enlightenment. Namaste!

Cosmic Buddha

Om Shanti! We bow down before your focus and commitment to the spiritual path. You have been following your purpose and vision and have reached the crossroads where spiritual nirvana is almost in reach. However, do you find that the closer you get the further away the goal seems? Stop searching for a moment and be still. Listen to your inner guidance. What can be more important than being in the now?

Transcendental Warrior

Better than being enlightened, you are empowered! You are burning a streak of fire across the cosmic universe as you embrace your inner strength and fly into battle. Get prepared to conquer the spiritual and material universes! They are out there waiting, and you are more than ready.

Awakening Dreamer

Congratulations! You have been walking the path of enlightenment and are riding high on the excitement of your spiritual and personal growth. You have attained a state of consciousness where you are living your purpose with an open heart, and you shower love and peace on all who encounter you. Namaste!

Openhearted Seeker

You are taking baby steps into the world of spirituality, opening your heart and asking questions. This is the most awesome point in existence, as you are like an empty cup ready to be filled with knowledge. Be ready to surrender to your passion and embrace your inner joy! Nirvana awaits.

Deep Dreamer

We are guessing you are more likely to ask why anyone would want to be enlightened than to care how far along the path of enlightenment you are. For you the journey is simply living life. Some may say you are still to wake up and start your spiritual journey, but we think you transcend such judgements. Who said enlightenment was the goal anyway? Maybe not worrying about your spiritual progress is the true sign of an ascended master!

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