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You're one of the cool kids who know how to party without getting into too much trouble! You're probably also the best kisser in your class.

Bubblegum Pop

Aww, you're the good kid on the block, in by 10:00 with your jammies on, listening to 45s in your room--but only those that Mommy and Daddy approve of. Well, except maybe that one you borrowed from your friend . . .


You're at the top of your class and on your way to greatness. Sure, some say you're a brownnoser, but so what? Shouldn't everyone bring the teacher an apple now and then?


You just can't help who you love, can you? Whether your date flakes for the dance this Saturday or not, you're going to have a blast. But they'll show. You just know they will. Young love conquers all.


You're getting really tired of the principal calling you a juvenile delinquent. What does he know? Is it a crime to have fun? Not in your book. Besides, you're not delinquent unless you get caught.

Rock and Roll

So you got caught smoking behind the bleachers. So what? Detention isn't so bad. It'll give you a chance to study and bring your chemistry grade back up so your dad will loan you the last 20 bucks you need to soup up the engine on your hot rod.

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