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You are true-blue, all-American country! Your heart is painted tractor green.

Appalachian Folk

From bluegrass to violins and banjos, your dream walk after midnight includes a stroll through a moonlit holler.


What you are is funny, whether you're country OR western. You're downright hilarity with a straight face.


Yep, that's a real thing. It's country dressed up and ready to have champagne with boots on in a Nashville mansion--just like you.

Country Pop

You long to be in the country whether it's in Alabama or Arizona, Kentucky or Kansas, Texas or Tennessee. Unfortunately, your dually is parked somewhere in a suburban driveway, and you only get to wear your boots on weekends.


Your home is on the range, in the saddle, ridin' and ropin'--unless you're swinging to the music or two-stepping across the West!

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