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Bad Boys

You can't help it. You like your men with an edge of darkness! Maybe you feel the need to heal their wounds, or maybe you are just mesmerized by their intensity. After all, life is short and unfair. Anybody who acts like the world is full of sunshine, rainbows, and chivalry is kind of a phony! Your love will show you the way things really are.


Is chivalry dead? For your sake, let's hope not! You are waiting for a man to sweep you off your feet, and you will settle for nothing less. He doesn't have to wear a suit all the time or have boatloads of money, but he does have to treat you gently and try to make your dreams come true. Your love should bring out the best in both of you!

Something In Between

You are a realistic person, and you believe in happy mediums! A deep, dark bad-boy would definitely scare you off, but an over-the-top gentleman would make you feel smothered! You prefer a balanced person, with both scars and charms, over either extreme. Your love is all about acceptance and understanding!

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