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An Old Soul!

You are a bit sentimental for simpler days. You prefer sitting on the porch with a drink and a friend over a text-message chat. You like outside work over computer work, and you prefer having a home-cooked meal over takeout any day. You love looking at old family photo albums, but you are not one to share a lot of photos on Facebook or Instagram. You are truly an old soul!

A Little Bit of Both!

You love listening to stories of days gone by while visiting with relatives. You like vintage fashion and prefer a house with history. You appreciate a lazy Sunday with no screen time, but with that being said, you also love your smartphone, pop music, and Netflix. You are a perfect combo of old soul and modern heart!

Modern at Heart!

You have no time for nostalgia. You are all about what is new, hip, and modern. You love fresh, modern styles, new technology, and top-40 music. You like to take pics and post them everywhere. You never miss a hot new app for your phone, and you love to eat out at new trendy restaurants. You are modern at heart!

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