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An Atheist

You have things that you believe in, but religion certainly isn't one of them. People may find you to be a bit rigid in your anti-religious stance, but you don't need to bend on what you believe or your personal convictions. If anything, you feel more at peace by not being committed to something that doesn't make sense to you.

An Agnostic

You know why religion exists, and if people choose to be religious, it doesn't bother you one bit. If anything, you're happy that they have their faith, and you don't want to be given the third degree about why you choose not to believe. You've found yourself questioning existence and God as a whole, and you're not entirely sure that any of that even exists. It sounds made up to you, and you feel better by not convincing yourself to believe something you find flawed.

A Believer

You may not be at church every Sunday, but deep down, you believe in a higher power, heaven and hell, and all that comes with that territory. You may have questioned your faith at times, but you know it has helped you get through those dark times in your life. Once a believer, always a believer!

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