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Completely Altruistic

You give more than you probably should, but you don't care. That's just who you are. You enjoy sharing, and often times pay for others. You share your wealth, your food, and other resources, especially with those that are in dire need. You think nothing of the items you give away, and you never hold yourself in high regard for being a good person. You simply like to help others.

Reasonably Altruistic

You aren't afraid to help others, and you certainly do when you feel it's merited. However, you won't give away all your valuables, live in poverty, or starve for the sake of helping others. At the end of the day, you love helping people, but you and your close loved ones come first. Your bills and your life come first. You help those in need when the situations arise, but overall, you're not about to lose it all, just for the sake of helping others.

Reasonably Selfish

You barely ever help others. Like if your friend called, asking for a ride, you'd probably say no, unless you actually weren't doing anything at the time. You help others from time to time, but overall, you don't really go out of your way to make the time. It's just when you have the time. That being said, you're not about to give something away until you're done using it. That means presents from you aren't grand.

Completely Selfish

You never, ever help anyone out. You're the first to ask for help, or favors, but you never so much as allude to helping others. You barely listen to what they have to say, you barely give gifts, and you never so much as look at a homeless person. In fact, you're more inclined to do something if there's a bigger gain for you at the end of it.

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