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The Next Stephen King

You're a writer at heart, but more than that, you're driven to be the very best writer--period. Not all writers possess this drive to be the best in their field. In fact, many gifted writers never take the steps to become published in the first place. But that's not you. You're ambitious and devoted to your craft, meaning that you just might have what it takes to become the next famous author.

A Gifted Writer at Heart

You're a writer at heart! You write mostly for pleasure, not for notoriety. Going just a few days without writing can drive you up a wall, because writing is how you express yourself. Your home is probably strewn with notebooks and scraps of paper covered in ideas and sentences, and your phone is probably close to capacity with all your on-the-go notes. Congratulations, you're a writer!

A Talented Storyteller

Writers are often referred to as storytellers, but actually, there's a difference. Telling a story takes a certain set of skills, whereas writing takes another. Both require the ability to build a great story, but you're more skilled at conveying that story with spoken word than by writing it down on paper. You can hold an audience captive from beginning to end, which is something many writers strive for. You're engaging, and you understand what people want when it comes to a great story.

Not a Writer at Heart

Sorry, you're not a writer! But you probably already knew this, deep down. You've likely struggled with the true art of writing, even if you've romanticized the idea of becoming a famous and talented writer. If you don't enjoy writing, face constant writer's block, or don't take constructive criticism well, then writing is not the profession for you!

A Reader at Heart

You share one thing with born writers: you both LOVE the written word. You just love it in a different way. Rather than creating fiction or nonfiction works of genius, you'd rather sit back and enjoy the fruits of others' labors. After all, you get all the same pleasure that comes from great stories, without putting in all that work. You have a discerning eye for true quality, and you're probably one of the smartest people around.

An Editor at Heart

You may not be a writer, but that doesn't mean you don't appreciate the written word. You're more of an editor at heart. You're detail oriented and perfectionistic, which can sometimes be a problem for an aspiring writer but never stands in the way for an editor! You have an eagle eye and catch errors everywhere, on the page and in life in general.

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