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an Evil Mastermind

You are a sophisticated, elegant, and highly educated villain. From an early age, you knew you were smarter than most people, and you have used that intelligence to get you what you want in life. You create brilliant schemes and use your persuasive talents to convince others to help you bring them into reality. Any hero would be honored to have you as a nemesis!

a Cult Leader

You are a charismatic and charming person who naturally attracts followers, and you love being the center of attention and having everybody listening to you and doing what you tell them! When you believe in something, you not only devote yourself completely to that cause, but use your powers of persuasion to convince all your friends and followers to fight alongside you. Beware of becoming intoxicated by the power that your talents give you. Being a leader is a great responsibility, and there are as many cult leaders who are villains and lead their followers into darkness as those who use their ability to influence people to create harmony and happiness.

an Anti-Hero

You are not a traditional hero, but you're also not a true villain. Caught in the gray area in between good and evil, you have the potential to be an epic hero in the classical tradition, but you also can deliberately choose to follow the dark path. Celebrate both your positive and negative traits, because there cannot be light without the balance of darkness. Others may see you as a villain, but you know that you are exactly who you are -- an imperfectly perfect human being!

a Tragic Hero

You were born to be an epic hero with the talent and potential for greatness, but for some reason or another, you have not fulfilled that promise. Maybe it is as simple as you do not believe in yourself, or you do not have the strength to overcome the obstacles that true heroes must overcome as they battle the forces of evil. Maybe fate intervened, and a tragic reversal of your fortune broke your spirit and you have never truly recovered. Whatever the cause, you must not forget that deep inside you ARE a hero, and you can still achieve the greatness to which you were born. Reignite your passion and turn your life around. It's time to embrace your destiny!


Your birth was uneventful, and you seemed set for an uninspiring, normal life. BUT THEN... fate struck and you found out that you were a superhero with amazing powers! We're not sure what happened to make you so awesome, but like all cartoon superheroes, we're pretty sure you have your own amazing origin story. You may not be able to shoot lasers from your eyes, fly, or become invisible, but you definitely have talents far beyond those of most people. Maybe you're an amazing musician, or a brilliant businessman, or even just someone whose kindness and compassion touches the lives of everyone they meet. Whatever your superpower is, get out there and use it!

a True Hero

You are the hero who stands up to evil and overcomes, despite the odds. No one thought you would be a hero, least of all yourself, and yet as you grew up you discovered that you had a talent that made you stand out from the crowd. But, you have learned that being a hero brings huge responsibility as well as glamour. Although you appear to triumph effortlessly, you work hard and stay dedicated to your cause, even though sometimes this means suffering and sacrifice. You are a true hero!

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