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You're definitely a thinker. You're curious about the world, and you enjoy problem-solving! You take your time making decisions. You prefer to think everything through profoundly and deeply, and you cannot understand people rushing into a decision without realizing all the consequences. Your ability to focus is incredible, and nobody comes up with better ideas than you do, but remember, sometimes life requires quick actions!


You're definitely a doer! You're fast, and you cannot stand slow people. At work, you're always organized and are a very good leader! Nobody is better than you at making things happen, but maybe sometimes you should try to think a little bit more before making some risky decisions. Also, let others do something once in a while even if you're going crazy. They need to learn too.

Thoughtful Doer

You're a mixture of both! You can see both sides of view and both worlds. It makes you a perfect companion because you know when it's time to make a quick decision and when it's time for thinking and analyzing. You're quite a patient person, and you lose your temper only when you're really angry. People often come to you for advice because they know you'll understand them.

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