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A Slave to Consumerism!

You buy anything and everything, and all it takes is an advertisement. Whether it's TV, radio, posters, or even news reports on new products, you can't help but give in. Let's not even touch those retail emails most people don't even open. You love them!


You purchase the essentials and splurge on a few things. When something looks awesome and it's on sale, or you've saved up for it, then you buy it. But you're not one to give in just because of smart marketing.

Absolutely Not a Slave to Consumerism

You don't buy anything you absolutely don't need. A lover of minimalism, you pride yourself on only purchasing the essentials. And when do you buy clothes? Oh, well that's interesting: You don't buy any very often, but when you do, it's quality, high-end designer clothing. Because, you know, you don't spend much money ever!

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