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Overly Cautious

Remember Josephine from 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'? Well, you're afraid of the fridge falling on you, so you stand to the side of it. You're the kind to be a hermit, for fear of getting into an accident on the road. You're so cautious, you don't remember the last time you took a risk. Perhaps something happened?

Cautious, But Not Over The Top

You're very cautious, but you're not crazy about it. You don't do anything without thinking it through first, and you certainly plan everything out. However, if there's a wrench in your plans, you'll roll with it, albeit not happily.

The Perfect Blend of Caution and Risk Taking

You've mastered it. You know exactly when you need to be cautious, and when you need to take risks. You're not afraid to put yourself out there, as long as you're not dumb about it. You could teach many people a thing or two! Consider yourself lucky.

Moderate Risk Taker

You love taking risks, but you still have a limit. You aren't always cautious, but you have just enough of a cautious streak in you that you're not about to set yourself on fire and bungee jump into a large body of water. So, that's good, right?


You really need to be more careful. We know you won't listen, might want to consider it. You're open to trying anything once, whether it's eating a seal's eyeball, skydiving, or moving across the country overnight. There's no sense of danger with you, and you're unafraid of just about everything.

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