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The Biggest Country Music Fan!

You know absolutely everything there is to know about country music, its singers, and its culture. Country music speaks to your soul and to your heart. As far as you are concerned, the perfect day starts with country and it ends with country.

A Big Country Music Fan

You always listen to the newest hit country songs and know what new singers to keep an eye on. You love the music, but the country music culture isn't a big part of who you are or how you live your life. But you sure know every lyric to every song!

A Selective Country Music Fan

Be it a handful of singers, or a specific era, there's some country music that you just absolutely love, while the rest of the genre you have zero interest in. You know what you like and you stick to it. You don't care whether other people consider you as 'real' country music fan or not.

A Country Music Meddler

You love music and have probably heard something in every genre, but you would never say you especially know country music. You happily listen to a few country tunes every now and then, but your love is music as a whole. You would never tie yourself down to one genre.

A Stranger to Country Music

You may have heard one or two of the very biggest hits, but in general you know next to nothing about country music. You don't dislike country music; you've just never really explored it. Maybe you should start now!

A Country Music Hater

It's not just that you don't know country music, but that you will actively do whatever you can to avoid it! You don't understand it and you don't like it. It doesn't speak to you on any meaningful level. To your ear, it all sounds the same.

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