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Born Leader

You are talented, confident, and capable. You have excellent communication skills. You know how to delegate. You persevere against all odds. Above all, you are naturally charismatic, and as a result, you are able to inspire others to achieve great things.

Natural Leader

You have a gift for leadership. Perhaps it's your self-confidence or your clear-sighted intelligence. Possibly it's your strong sense of humor. Whatever it is, others look up to you. They enjoy your company and trust your judgment. They are also slightly in awe of you.

Good Leader

You are hard working and capable. If you're in a leadership position of some kind--and you probably are--you have likely earned it after at least a few years of dedication. You take responsibility, and when things get difficult, you don't give up easily. Others recognize these qualities in you and are quick to follow your lead.

Reluctant Leader

You may not seek out or even want the role of leader, but you have often found it thrust upon you. You are likely to be wise and experienced. And if you are still young, then you are likely to be both wise and experienced beyond your years. Others look up to you. You always do a good job, even if it's not a job you'd choose for yourself.


You're not exactly a leader, but you're not really a follower either. Have you ever heard that something difficult is 'like herding cats'? Well, that's you: a cat. You tend to walk alone on your own winding path.


Don't knock it till you've tried it. Everyone wants to be a leader, but what would happen if nobody ever followed anyone else's lead? Nothing, that's what. Absolutely nothing would get done. The world needs team players even more than it needs team captains. You recognize this. Good for you!

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