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The Wanderer

Face it, you are a total job-hopper! You have the wanderlust deep in your soul and can barely stand to stick around one place for a week let alone a year. You are a free spirit who can't be pinned down and your wild heart can't be broken.

The Maverick

Some might call you a job-hopper. You prefer to go your own way and have trouble settling for things you consider sub-par or second best. You have a strong will and a vibrant spirit and you aren't afraid to buck convention if it leads to your eventual happiness.

Jack of All Trades

I wouldn't call you a job-hopper, but you definitely won't let yourself get stuck somewhere you don't want to be. You have many skills and many interests and while you wouldn't mind settling down somewhere, it seems like you're always dabbling in something that has recently piqued your interest and asking the guy next to you what his job is like.

The Expert

You are somewhat career-oriented. You may shuffle around from time to time, but that's only because you have a wide range of skills and competence and are useful in many areas. Or maybe you're just going where the money is.

The Steady Hand

You are a career-oriented person. You can be depended on to know your business and stick to where you're needed. Others look up to you for knowledge and support. You have a good work-life balance and get what you want.

The Gold Watch

You are committed to your career and on the path to greatness. You found what you wanted and stuck with it. If you're not already the boss, the new guys think you are because the boss is coming to you for advice. Expect a wing of the building to be named after you.

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