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You have the heart of a heathen and the soul...well, do you still have a soul, or did you sell it to the devil in exchange for your magical talents?! The darker the night, the happier you are, and you roam the streets past midnight, searching for lost spirits that you can bring under your cloak and into your wild and weird world. But shhh...we know you're not all bad, and somewhere under the chipped, black nail polish and ghostly pale skin lurks a shy, sweet kid who is just looking to be loved. Maybe?! ;-)


You may not have thought of yourself as a pagan, but your answers show that your beliefs hold true to the Pagan concepts. You love nature, celebrate the feminine divine, and understand that the spiritual and material worlds are closely interwoven. In fact, you often cross through the veil that separates the mundane and the mystical without even knowing! Listen to your soul and honor your heart's call. You will find that your already insightful intuition will deepen and your inner vision will become clearer.


Magick has you under its spell! As an acolyte of the occult, you are drawn toward all types of natural magick. Balancing white and black is an easy task for you, and although you have seen the force in dark magick, you understand that the most powerful path always leads toward good. After all, black is absence of light, while white contains the fullness of the entire spectrum.


You have the soul of a druid and are deeply connected with the earth and the cycle of the seasons. Given the choice, you'd probably prefer being in the woods than at a social event. Even though others may be in awe of your ability to stay calm and tell you that you radiate inner peace, you know that everyone could be just like you if only they just listened to what Mother Nature is telling them.


You are drawn more to the Native American religions than those of ancient Europe and are more likely to take a sweat bath or vision quest than celebrate Beltane or call a spirit circle. Communing with the metaphysical plane is your favorite pastime, and you may even be tempted to lick a psychedelic toad or travel into the spiritual dimensions on a peyote chariot! After all, using substances to aid spiritual growth is an ancient shamanic practice, and you are a shaman. Peace out!

Good Neighbor

Having more in common with Ned Flanders than M. Night Shyamalan, you're neither a heathen nor a pagan...nor even a part-time New-Age wannabe. But is that a bad thing? Do you want to be a weirdo running around, casting spirit circles, and worshipping ancient gods? We think not! Some people have to keep their feet on solid ground and their belief system strictly Western traditional, and you are happy to be one of them.

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