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A Goth

Between the black nails, Victorian clothing, dyed black hair, pale face makeup, and your undying love for all things horror movie, did you really think there was a chance you weren't goth?


While you might not be dressing the same as you did in the mid-2000s, you certainly still have a torch lit for emo, which uneducated people assume means you're a goth--wrong, so wrong. Chances are high that you turned into a rave baby in 2010, but now it's time you turn back. Oh, and you probably still listen to a lot of that FOB and Panic! at the Disco stuff.

Not a Goth

You're a regular human being who is not a goth, not emo, not anything but normal. You might enjoy a few goth songs here and there, or some black clothing here and there, but that doesn't mean you're goth at all.

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