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0 Percent Cat Expert

Hisssss! Do you even like cats? It seems to us like you've done a pretty good job of avoiding them--and avoiding learning anything about them. Even your average dog lover knows more about cats!

20 Percent Cat Expert

Hissss! Okay, you might ooh and ahh over calendar kittens, but it's pretty clear that you haven't spent a lot of time around cats. Do you have allergies or something? Or maybe you're just allergic to trivia!

40 Percent Cat Expert

Meow! It could be worse! You've clearly buddied up to a cat or two in your lifetime, and your feline friends have taught you a thing or two about cats. Still, there's a lot of learning left for you before you can qualify as a real cat person.

60 Percent Cat Expert

Meow! Cats can be sneaky creatures, but you've managed to uncover a few of their secrets! You know a lot about cats--enough that you can handle keeping one as a pet! Still, you might be surprised by some of the hidden truths about cats.

80 Percent Cat Expert!

Purrrr! You are a true cat lover--no bones about it! Not only do you enjoy snuggling with your own kitty, but you also love binge-watching cat YouTube videos and Discovery Channel episodes. You don't know it all--yet--but are definitely above average in your cat knowledge.

100 Percent Cat Expert!

Purrrr! Move over dogs! Man's got a new best friend. You are totally wrapped up in cats, from their cute little paws to their crazy antics. You can't help but try to figure out what makes these awesome critters tick!

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