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Golden Retriever

Loyal, fearless and true, you make an unwavering friend and true companion. Your heart is strong and faithful. You're the kind of person who would make the selfless decisions and put others' wellbeing before your own. When someone is going through a difficult time and just needs a friend they can count on, you're the person they turn to.


You are athletic and quick, agile and fast. You love to be always on the move. Sports and exercise are big parts of your life. You hate to be inside for too long and you love freedom, the great outdoors and the feel of the wind on your face. People admire the brave way in which you fearlessly approach life and new things.

Cocker Spaniel

Friendly, lively and full of energy, you're always a barrel of fun to be around! You're active and curious, always up for new adventures and brand new experiences. You get along with everyone; you're even-tempered and slow to anger. You smile a lot and love to laugh!

Persian Cat

You are quiet and reserved, preferring to watch, contemplate and consider. You avoid big, noisy crowds and events with masses of people. You prefer the quiet of your own home, the peace of solitude and the cozy cup of coffee with good friends. You are refined and meticulous, never making hasty decision or rash judgements.

Siamese Cat

You are open and honest, never afraid to say what you think or defend your position. You always know where you stand and know how to articulate it. You are not easily intimidated and not easily bothered. You are confident and in control during every situation. You never give other people the power to make you doubt yourself.

Abyssinian Cat

You live life to the fullest, pushing boundaries, testing limits and embracing everything that comes your way. When you do anything, you do it big. You are not one to do something halfheartedly, even if it's something you don't want to do. People look up to you as someone who appears larger than life and they admire you for it. You are truly unique.

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